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Waeco CRX110 Caravan Compressor 2-Way Fridge

Waeco CRX110 Details:

The Waeco CRX110 fridge freezer is one of the larger compressor refrigerators in the range with a fully integrated compressor with integrated control settings.  The Waeco CRX110 features the standard interior and exterior qualities as all the Waeco caravan and boat fridges do. This Waeco CRX110 comes with a built in touch pad which allows five temperature control settings.

Waeco CRX110 Caravan Compressor 2-Way Fridge
crx 110 closed
crx 110 closed
crx 110 door shelf
crx 110 dimensions


Waeco CRX110 fridge freezer manual

Prices and options Below

waeco crx Fridge
Waeco CRX110 12v 24v Compressor Fridge


waeco crx fridge standard frame
Waeco CRX110 Standard Frame


waeco crx fridge flush frame
Waeco CRX110 Flush Frame


waeco mps35 mains adaptor
Waeco MPS35 Mains Adaptor





  • Intelligent electronic control
  • Fan speed automatically adjusts to the ambient temperature
  • Fan has minimal noise
  • Perfect temperature control with soft touch control panel
  • LED light with infrared sensor
  • Door lock with dual function
Warranty Information:
2 year warranty


Waeco CRX110 Caravan Compressor 2-Way Fridge
Dimensions (W x H x D) 520 x 745 x 558 mm
Storage volume (approx.) 104 l
Freezer compartment 9.0 l
Weight (approx.) 26.0 kg
Temperature range approx. +12 to -15°C
Voltage 12/24 V DC
Average power consumption approx. 50 W

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