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Waeco Cool-Ice WCI13 Portable Coolbox

Waeco Cool-Ice WCI-13 Coolbox:

The WCI13 cool box is an extremely durable cool box designed to be used on uneven terrain, hot temperatures and dusty and muddy environments allowing perfect cooling in many situations. This cool box comes with sturdy ABS latches with stainless steel mounting screws allowing easy, one handed operations possible.

The Waeco WCI13 ice box has a strong insulation which allows the cool packs or ice cubes to keep all groceries, bottled drinks, fish, bait and fresh game stored up to multiple days depending on the temperature. Inside the Waeco WCI13 ice cooler there is a labyrinth seal which prevents any heat from making its way into the interior of the cool box.


Waeco WCI-13 Coolbox
wci 13 main
wci13 closed wci 22 strap wci handles waeco wci latch waeco wci heat diagram

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  • Low Heat Absorption
  • Seamless Casing
  • Highly Durable for the toughest conditions
  • 5 year guarantee!
  • Steel Pin Hinges
  • Stable ABS Clasps
  • Keeps Ice Frozen For Several Days

The WCI13 is extremely durable due to it being made with impact resistant and seamless plastic, designed for the toughest environments. Fully integrated hinges with stainless steel rods for more stability and smooth contours. The WCI13 comes with a shoulder strap allowing easy travel.

Warranty Information:
5 year guarantee!

For more information please call us on 0151 334 0222

Waeco Cool Matic WCI-13 Caravan Freezer
Storage Volume: 13 litres
dimensions (H x W x D): 388 x 305 x 245
Weight: 2.8Kg
Comes With : Strap

For more information please call us on 0151 334 0222