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Waeco CRX50 12volt 24volt Compressor Fridge Marine Campervan Refrigerator

A versatile compressor fridge with a uniquely removable freezer compartment

With the added benefits of having a low consumption of energy (so low that it can feasibly be run off solar panels!), the Waeco CRX50 2 Way Compressor Fridge has an ample 48L refrigerator capacity which can also maintain between 5 - 7 degrees even under the pressure of tropical temperatures!

What's the difference between Waeco CRX50 and the CR50?

The Waeco CRX50 2 Way Caravan & Motorhome Fridge still has all the outstanding features of the original, standard model but with the added bonus of a completely versatile configuration in the form of a removable freezer compartment, meaning that you can adapt and use your Waeco CRX50 to suit your needs whenever and wherever you need it. As a result, the CRX50 Fridge can be used as a conventional fridge/freezer, full fridge or full freezer. The CRX50 also now features a slightly chamfered rear wall, this helps clear the strengthening pieces found in many vans at floor level, and also helps for a 'snug' fit in boats where the hull turns inwards near the bilges

Waeco CRX50 12Volt compressor fridge.
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To buy the CRX50 Fridge & accessories head to our sister site click here

waeco crx Fridge
Waeco CRX50 12v 24v Compressor Fridge
waeco crx fridge standard frame
Waeco CRX50/CRP40 Standard Frame
waeco crx fridge flush frame
Waeco CRX50/CRP40 Flush Frame
waeco mps35 mains adaptor
Waeco MPS35 Mains Adaptor

To buy the CRX50 Fridge & accessories head to our sister site click here

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Waeco Compressor fridge CRX50 the features:

  • New soft touch control panel
  • Intelligent electronic control of the compressor speed - up to 25% less energy consumption
  • 5 different temperature settings
  • 2 stage battery protection
  • Chamfered cabinet at rear base to help clear the vehicle side
  • Bright led interior light with infrared sensor
  • Large bottle holder
  • Door tray
  • Salad bin
  • 2 years warranty

Versatile and engineered for ease of use and continual high performance

The door of the Waeco CRX50 2-Way Compressor Fridge can be hinged on either side to conveniently accommodate for a left or right opening, whilst the decor panel can also be replaced to suit the interior of your camper van. The CRX50 also features a venting position in the door lock to maintain freshness and airflow when the fridge isn't in use and a double locking mechanism so the door can be secured at the top and bottom.

Optional extras

  • Can be run off mains with the addition of the MPS35 Mains power unit (sold separately).
  • A smart switching control unit, 'fit and forget.' Automatically detects mains and rests the vehicle leisure battery when on 'hook up,' or 'shorepower' 9103555825 (sold separately)
  • CRX 50S With a door in real stainless steel (AISI316 Grade) featuring a redesigned door handle, and the same top and bottom locking system. Ref. No. 9105305959 (sold separately)

Dimensions in millimetres

  • Overall Size: Height 534 Width 380 Depth 500
  • Recess Without Frame: Height 534 Width 380 Depth 447
  • Recess Standard Frame: Height 536 Width 384 Depth 447
  • Recess Flush Frame; Height 536 Width 406 Depth 500